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Unleashing Your Inner Resource for Exponential Results


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Kevin Kirsch

Retail Business Consultant 


Business Consulting


Proven expertise in administering all aspects of daily business operations in the retail and food sectors, I can grow your business and help you succeed in raising sales and reducing expenses. Problem solving, when it comes to crisis management, vendor relations and personnel problems, is something I’ve dealt with through years of hands-on experience. With effective communication and providing the best customer service, common sense, employee empowerment and community awareness we can achieve the goals that all small, family owned, or independent business want to achieve.

What is a Retail Consultant. Retail consultants develop promotions and marketing campaigns, update the company logo, make merchandising decisions, revamp store design and product placement, and influence staffing priorities.


Our Speciality 

Pressures to Adopt

eCommerce Capabilities

This is an area of tremendous growth in all industries. This growth forces companies to invest in new equipment and technology to stay competitive and relevant in their industry. A growing trend in all retail, is the expectation of doing all purchases online without any human interaction.

Shifting Competitive Landscape

Competition in all retail industries is changing dramatically. With the ability to buy and get delivery through third party companies, customers can almost just as easily order a product 100 miles away as they can 1 mile away.

Diverse Delivery and

Fulfillment Channels

When it comes to getting supplies to your store or delivering the final product to a customer, the cost of shipping is a tremendous game changer. Learning how to drive down your shipping costs can lead to greater profitability. 

Changing Consumers Behaviour

Customers today are expecting the newest and latest products and technologies when they shop. These trends, whether short or long term, are an important part of business to stay relevant. 

Evolving Consumer Tastes

With consumers changing their shopping habits on a frequent basis, it is important to know the history of your industry and products. What was old and outdated a decade ago, is sometimes ready to return as an exclusive short term sale to a whole new clientele. 

About Kevin


Kevin co-owned and operated one of the premier supermarkets in the Maryland area. Chevy Chase Supermarket was a 25,000sq ft store with 45 employees that was in business for over 50 years. During that time I appeared on CNBC, CNN, ABC World News Tonight and local news stations. The store was featured in the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and Bethesda Magazine.

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Featured On CNBC, CNN & ABC


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Kevin has ideas that have translated into a real increase in sales. His customer service is outstanding. 5 stars. 

Barbara S.

I worked with Kevin as the business' CPA for more than 20 years and watched Kevin transform and grow the business exponentially. 

You can trust can to help you do the same to your business! 

Dan D.

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I just read 'Julie's Gift' written by Kevin Kirsch, a husband who is not a feeling sharer, but through this novella let us all know including his wife, that he does have deep feelings.

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